What's New ?

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•‘BrickBerry’ is India’s first Blockchain & AI based Fractional investment platform with the mission to make property accessible for all classes people.

•‘BrickBerry’ brings an Innovative Application popularizing fractional ownership in India by enabling small ticket investments called ‘Bricks’ in high grade developments in metros such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi & Mumbai.


•Majority of young investors aged 25 to 40 are no longer happy with fully taxed interest rates offered by banks and are exploring investment opportunities that offer high risk-adjusted returns. 

•Due to high ticket sizes, investments in commercial real estate are usually done by high net worth individuals. 

•Now, through our Brickberry platform, anyone can own a brick(as low as ₹ 5-10 Lakh )of High grade Real-Estate. 



•Risk management - With 360-degree due diligence and exhaustive selection criteria we mitigate all asset-related risk.

•Liquidity - Liquidate your holdings with multiple exit options.

• Data-driven decisions - Data driven investment approach with insights on properties, locations, pricing and building specifications.

•Transparency - Transparent investment process, access to detailed reporting and fair pricing, declared upfront.

•Diversification - Invest in opportunities across locations and asset types.

•Attractive returns - Rental yields of 8-10% and targeted IRR of 16-18% over 5 years.

•Secure - 256-bit SHA encryption standards to ensure investor data is safe.